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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I change my press kit URL after creation?

After creating a press kit, you can make changes to your chosen URL by first editing the presskit and once inside the editor, clicking the Settings code at the top left.

Settings menu toggle

After opening the settings menu, you'll see the URL selector and can easily change your URL.

Press kit link changer

In order for the changes to be active, you'll need to publish the changes.

How can I hide a section of my press kit if I don't need it?

All sections with the exception of the hero, facts, description, and studio settings are optional. You can hide any of the sections by editing the section and toggling the "Hide Section" option.

Hide section

How can I add my Google analytics key or Facebook Pixel ID?

You can add your Google Analytics key or Facebook Pixel ID to your press kit easily by toggling the general settings while in the editor of the desired press kit. Once the section is toggled, you'll see fields for both.

How can I temporarily disable a press kit?

Press kits can be disabled (no longer publically viewable) by toggling the general settings in the press kit editor and toggling the "Press Kit Active" option.

Disable press kit

How can I change my studio information on each press kit?

All press kits under a given studio will have the same studio information displayed. You can change the studio information by clicking on the section within a press kit (which will change for all press kits) or by visiting the studio settings page in the dashboard.

Can I add a custom domain for my press kit?

You currently cannot add a custom domain to a press kit beyond the chosen link when creating a new press kit, but don't worry, this is on our roadmap and will be added shortly!

GamePressKit isn't for me, can I get a refund?

We're sorry to hear that, please reach out to us and if we can't resolve the problem, we will gladly refund you, no questions asked.

My game genre isn't listed, what can I do?

We have tried to include all the main genres listed on most sites and have also included a "Miscellaneous" genre for the rare cases, however if you think we are missing a key genre, reach out to us and we will look into adding it in.

How can I delete a press kit?

Under the general settings of any press kits in the editor, you will see an option to delete a press kit. Keep in mind however, these changes cannot be undone.

Press kit delete

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your current subscription by visiting the billing page in the dashboard. Once a subscription is cancelled, you will get the remaining time left in your current billing period (if applicable) and afterwards all features will be disabled.

My question was not answered here, what can I do?

We apologize for that! You can either reach out to us via the chat window at the bottom right of your screen or send us a message via our contact us page.

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